All of our clothes are crafted and responsibly produced in Romania, EU, where the brand originates. This ensures constant transparency, traceability, safe workplaces and fair wages for everyone involved in the process.

We believe in clothing that is created with kindness and respect to the planet, in quality over quantity and in garments that are made to last more than a season.


We put sustainability at the core of our business. In everything we do we consider our planet, because we love it, just like you. We believe that we can inspire people and businesses to become part of a revolution. It’s about time we stand up against the madness going on in the fashion industry. We strive to be better, which is a vital part of our brand DNA and philosophy. For us, it’s all about making decisions with love and care for the people and environment. 


Why do we sell only by pre-orders?

By working with pre-orders to create impeccable slow fashion pieces each season, allows us to manufacture only products that will be sold, by minimizing the risk of new clothes going to waste - it presents a far better environmental choice.

We have no stock room because we have no stock. We only have what is ordered, and even returned pieces go to new homes from our waiting lists.

With so much clothing and waste, it is hard not to feel like what you do impacts this hugely. Ultimately, no fashion brand is 100% sustainable, but it is something we are conscious of, and we are still learning new ways to lower our impact.


For every product sold, we plant one tree. Yes, you read right! We are partnering with One Tree Planted organisation, to plant a forest together.